The letter on the right was given to each team taking part in the 2007 Kon-Tiki Adventure.   Pick 'n Pay have been very active in their involvement with Kon-Tiki, not only showing their colours, but those of the Scout movement as well.  Their Tokai store boasted a huge display that customers could not miss as they were leaving with their shopping.   This was the first public Centenary display and also showcased Kon-Tiki, with model rafts and photographs.

Scouting desperately needs proactive involvement like this to ensure that the movement in South Africa continues into the new Scouting century.

Thank you Pick 'n Pay for the excellent way in which you are assisting the Kon-Tiki Adventure and Scouting in the Western Cape.

The   Face   of   Kon - Tiki

Most Scouts and Guides who arrive at Kon-Tiki are greeted by a well-known face that they have come to know over their years of entering.   Bridget Young has been the face of Kon-Tiki for many years and ensures that the entrants have got their paper work in order and that judges are called to be where they are needed and in between all that, it's checking T-Shirt sizes to see if they are going to fit.   Bridget also has a stash of choc brownies which people seem to find even though Sparks tries to hide them.

In more recent years, Bridget has had a very able assistant in Amy Margaret Young who double checks the paper work and helps with the sales of T-shirts and badges.







There are still a limited number of Kon-Tiki badges available for sale.  They will become 2007 collectors items and they are excellent for badge swaps for those going to the Jamboree or for swapping via mail.   If you would like to purchase badges or large T-shirts then write to Sparks at : and put "Kon-Tiki Badges" in the subject line.


An Event worthy of Scouting's Centenary

Kon-Tiki 2007 was blessed with an incredible spirit of brotherhood and friendship and was enjoyed by all the Scouts and Guides that attended.   24 raft teams and 29 fringe teams took up the challenge and competed for the various trophies on offer.   A curve ball was thrown into the competition on the Sunday morning when the teams were faced with accepting a one-off "Centenary Challenge" or remaining focused on the task at hand - to secure the Neville Coxon Trophy for 2007.

1st Durbanville and 1st Bergvliet made their intentions very clear during the Tender race on Saturday when the two pairs raced to the jetty neck and neck, after Durbanville had been leading for most of the race.  The team from Bergvliet won the race by a split second and that was going to set the tone for these two Troops for the rest of the weekend.  In the end, it was 1st Bergvliet that walked away with the Neville Coxon Trophy for the third time in four years.  They have managed to raise the bar year on year and they have had various teams nipping at their heels.  2007 was almost certainly Durbanville's year for the trophy but they were once again overtaken on the finish line by a bunch of boys just a little more hungry than they were. At the end of the weekend, they were separated by only 6 points.  

Almost everyone involved with Kon-Tiki had their eyes and ears on the weather leading up to the weekend.  Sparks got more than one call during the rainstorm on the previous Thursday night to find out why the competition had moved from April to March.  Peter Bosch passed Sparks the weather forecast for the weekend and it proved to be the most accurate forecast we have ever had to date. 

The raft race was deliberately not held on Sunday morning, to make time for the one-off Centenary Challenge where raft crews had to make their way to various bases situated around the vlei to take part in some fun activities, such as the survivor-type puzzle and the kite flying activity.  The kites were made as part of the STA competition and it was obvious by those that were made that the crews had no idea they were going to be asked to fly them.  One Troop, 1st Durbanville, managed to hoist their kite for a few minutes and took maximum points for that part of the competition.   The original idea was for the teams to move their rafts to the bases, but the breeze that picked up on Sunday morning would have used the raft cabins as sails and sent them down the vlei.

A couple of rafts drifted on their anchors in the early part of Saturday night and thanks to the vigilance of the water safety crew and the correct procedure followed by the raft crews, no serious situation occurred and the rafts were secured for the night.

The teams had to make a supper consisting of a vegetarian dish of Tagliatelli, a one world one promise birthday cake that they had to bake and decorate, together with a cup of lemon iced tea with real lemon and there had to be ice in the cup. 1st Durbanville won the John Stratton trophy by two points from 1st Muizenberg. 

The spare time activities consisted of making and decorating a kite (yes, it was supposed to fly), a working anemometer, a plaster cast of the fleur-de-lis and a model of an outrigger canoe. Again 1st Durbanville won the trophy with 1st Bergvliet just three points behind.

The Daryl McEwan Trophy for raft construction was closely contested with 1st Bergvliet taking the prize and 1st Durbanville second.  Most of the entrants overlooked the fact that the raft had to resemble Thor Heyerdahl's original Kon-Tiki raft and threw away points for simple, obvious items.  1st Muizenberg were one of the few teams that had a steering oar.  Other items that were looked for was a top sail above the mainsail, splash boards in the bow, the position of the cabin to the rear of the raft etc.

The Theme Dress competition proved a mammoth task for the selected judges. There were teams representing various stages of Scouting through the years and Polynesian style dress.  The winning team, 1st Bergvliet, impressed the judges and won the Theme Dress Trophy.  

The fringe competition was just as closely contested by Durbanville and Bergvliet, but the Monte Vista Guides sent a loud and clear message for 2008 by coming in joint second with Bergvliet for the Andrew "Dolphin" Lawson trophy.

A unique activity at Kon-Tiki was the signing of a centenary flag.  Most of the uniformed members who were at the Base took the opportunity to sign the flag and all going well it will be hoisted at the Jamboree in England. The flag was specially made for Kon-Tiki 2007, bearing the competition logo.  

Pick 'n Pay also joined the Kon-Tiki party by not only sponsoring the competition but also providing every raft crew with a 'green' Pick 'n Pay goodie bag filled with all the really lekker things that mom didn't pack. Each bag was accompanied by a letter from Suzanne Ackerman to the teams.  

All in all, it was a good weekend with good weather and a great vibe amongst the Scouts and Guides and that is all that matters. Congratulations to the winner and may 2008 bring even greater challenges and more fun.


Kon-Tiki puts Scouting in the Media

The Argus and Community Newspapers did a few big picture splashes for Kon-Tiki this year.  The Argus Jellybean Journal did a front page spread and various community newspapers highlighted Kon-Tiki news particular to Groups in their area. Besides the newspapers.

KFM 94.5 also highlighted Kon-Tiki in their Community Diary. 

Cape Talk were going to do a live interview on Kon-Tiki Friday but the breaking news of Bob Woolmer took centre stage.

Half of the fun of Kon-Tiki is putting it together, starting off with a blank slate and coming up with ideas we hope the Scouts and Guides end up enjoying.  I mean - who really cares that the parrot on board Kon-Tiki was named Johannes.  And what's this crab with a name thing anyway?

So how much icing sugar and baking powder is needed for a small cake?  We don't know either but it looks like we gave the teams enough. 

The 'survivor' type puzzle was just an idea for the Centenary Challenge which will be used as a fringe activity in 2008, all going well and the pieces surviving the year in the Base Rover den.

Go well:
Brian and Dawn

It is going to be a sad day at the Base when Brian and Dawn Long finally leave on their well-deserved retirement. They have had a long association with Kon-Tiki. Dawn started helping in the kitchen and Brian's company made the original Kon-Tiki printed badges.  Brian was a Kon-Tiki judge for many years, when he was a Troop Scouter with 1st Muizenberg and then a Base Scouter.  During their time at the Base, the thousands of Scouts who have visited from all corners of the globe have come to know them as good friends.  I know that everyone joins us in wishing them everything of the best as they head for home to spend more time with their family and grandchildren. 



I think that Estevao set the standard for Kon-Tiki photographs in 2004 when he took thousands of images that grace this website and his website of Scouting in Brasil -

Now you look around and everyone has got a digital camera and is snapping away and you get little gems like this one, highlighting the fun that goes along with being out and about and Scouting with friends.  

If anyone out there has any fun pics that they would like to share with visitors to this site, then send them to me at


Gavin Withers can be seen at numerous Scouting competitions taking photographs of the various teams.  He is certainly no stranger to Kon-Tiki and has for a number of years provided stunning Kon-Tiki photographs for this website as well as competitors.   There is a sample of photographs taken at this year's competition on the photo album pages and you are welcome to contact Gavin if you want to get copies of photographs of your team.  He has photographs of every raft that took part as well as a number of photographs taken of the STA's, prize-giving and the fringe activities.   Gavin can be contacted at
Gavin Withers Photography cc
, mobile: 083 658 0332
or e-mail




Thanks to

for their generous sponsorship of Kon-Tiki 2007

Go Green, with Pick 'n Pay

These were the Pick 'n Pay Green Bags, along with personal messages from Suzanne Ackerman which were given to each of the rafts teams.


D.W Sound & Lighting for providing the sound for the opening and closing parade.
Cheryl Delport- printing of certificates
Gavin Withers Photography
Lazer Communications for 2-way radios
Haydon Dawe -abITe Technologies for hosting Kon-Tiki web site.
OC and staff: TS Woltemade
Rob Leibrandt: Classmates
Peter Niddrie - First Aid
Adrian Velaers - Water Safety
Robert Callanan - Logistics Coordination
Terry Coetzee - PA setup
Peter Bosch - PA setup
Dawn Long - Pre-event administration
Brian Long - Camp and Construction site coordination
Kath Douglas - Badges
Mike Duthie - Security and Traffic Control
Dave Roux - Chief Judge, event committee
Charles Prince - Resource coordinator
Pat Dunbar-Curran - Centenary Flag
Bridget & Amy Margaret Young - HQ

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