It's Durbanville - THREE IN A ROW !!


I am sure that when the heralds announced the arrival of King Arthur and his entourage at the opening parade of Kon-Tiki, what they were really causing is a diversion while 1st Durbanville stole the silverware.   It is all too easy to see why Durbanville did the impossible and won the event for the third year running.   They have a well-disciplined team of adults and boys that get down to the job at hand, whether it is raft building, cooking, spare time activities or just having fun at the fringe.   The standard of the event was much higher than the previous year and this could be seen by the scores from all the teams.  Still Durbanville managed to pull it off and the fleet will now have to pull out all the stops to match and better the standard for 2003.   Well done to the Troop from the northern suburbs.  You did well, and deserved it. Congratulations.

Kon-Tiki 2002 - A Scouting Spectacle

Kon-Tiki 2002 was as spectacular as the previous events, with the rafts all depicting the theme, "Camelot."  The colourful display of rafts as they left the secure mooring of the jetty to Kon-Tiki Bay was awesome to see.  People not involved with the event will not possibly understand how that could have been built from the bits of timber and other bits and pieces that littered the banks of Sandvlei on Friday afternoon.

1st Durbanville were overall victors for the third year in a row, taking both the DB McEwan Shield for raft construction and the Neville Coxon Trophy as overall winners.   Not only did their raft crew come out on top, but their support crew took the Andrew "Dolphin" Lawson trophy as well, for winning the overall fringe event.

1st Naruna and Constantia were only 2 points behind Durbanville and they have every reason to be proud of their achievement.   They were unfortunate to be disqualified as winners of the tender race when they missed one of the turning buoys but they certainly made up for it on the raft.

While the support crew played volleyball, tug-o-war and kneeboarded around the vlei, the raft teams knuckled down to cooking the meal to be judged and worked on their STA's.   The STA's consisted of a pioneering project of a working drawbridge made with twine, dowels and cotton reels; a painted Kon-Tiki Coat of Arms; a knights helmet made out of cereal boxes and a soap carving of a knights head showing all the facial features.

All the teams that entered have got a lot to be proud of.  Kon-Tiki takes an enormous amount of planning and project work and the results were there for everyone to see on the Saturday when they launched.  

A staff of 50 people ensured that the judging of the various events, including the fringe activities, ran smoothly and they must be thanked for the time that they gave to be part of the biggest Scouting/Guiding event in the Western Cape.

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of Cape Western's Kon-Tiki and the theme is "The Greatest Adventure on Earth."  And what an adventure that is going to be.

Eastern Cape presence once again felt at Kontiki

Kathy Douglas  

It is always a pleasure to have visiting Scouters assist at Kon-Tiki and 2002 was no different to previous years.  This year we had Kathy Douglas (AGAIN!!), Richard von Well and Darryl Garner.  It was great having the extra help and they managed the steep learning curve very quickly.  Thanks guys (yeah yeah - and gal).  We hope to see you at the 25th Anniversary.

The 2002 Kon-Tiki Fringe was a hive of activity from 2.30pm on Saturday with two volleyball courts in operation, two kneeboard relays on the go as well as the tug-o-war on the jetty.  A total of 38 teams took part in the fringe and total chaos reigned as teams were being called from one event to the next and rushing to tell Alan Turnley-Jones that they were busy with one thing while being called for another.   Hundreds of feet took to the streets of Lakeside and Sandvlei as the cross-country got underway.   An enjoyable time was had by everyone, not least of all 1st Durbanville who won the Andrew "Dolphin" Lawson trophy.

BRAVO - Dolphin and Cappy

After three years as Sea Scout Base wardens, Alf and Sheila Barratt will be leaving at the end of April to return to their home in Brackenfell.  When asked what they will miss the most?  The boys. The boys have been absolutely wonderful and we have come to know them like our own.  We wish them luck and hopefully they will be with us at Kon-Tiki 2003 and join in the celebrations.

Kon-Tiki VIPs

Special guests at Kon-Tiki were Robert Bell, who ran the event for eleven years from 1981 to 1992, Beaver Rose, Neville and Anna Coxon and Captain Keith Meyer (Retired).   Captain Meyer has for many years been a benefactor of the Sea Scout Base and he presented the certificates and trophies to the recipients.   David Roux, Kon-Tiki scorer since 1993 was presented with a special Certificate of Merit for his services to the event. 


Our First Aid officers were once again kept very busy and the injuries ranged from a saw breaking while being used and bouncing back into a waiting forehead, an accidental stab wound, fainting, sea sickness, lots of scratches and bruises.

Hey Doc, can you fix up the base jetty as well?

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Photographs courtesy of Stuart Thomson


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