The boys from the north are smilingDurbanville Scouts
Set New Standards
for Western Cape Kontiki

The Durbanville Scouts have every reason to be proud of their Kontiki 2001 win.    They won four of the six raft team categories and walked away the overall winners of the Neville Coxon Trophy.   Their land crew was also not too shabby, grabbing third place for the Dolphin trophy for the Kontiki fringe event.    Durbanville ran like a well-oiled machine throughout the weekend, from the moment construction started on Friday to the closing ceremony on Sunday.    Throughout the weekend their boys proudly displayed their colours, wearing their distinctive blue T-shirts proudly.    

Competitors in Kontiki are going to need to revisit their preparation and motivation if they want to get into the top five at this event.   The new standards have been set and I guess we are in for a lot of fun and excitement in the years to come as other participants strive to better the boys from the northern suburbs.

Kontiki 2001 - A Scouting Spectacle

Kontiki has clearly become the most popular competition amongst Scouts and Guides in the Western Cape.   2001 was no different, with 29 rafts being launched on the Saturday afternoon, to spend 24 hours on the water.

Almost 600 participants took part in the event, both on the rafts and in the fringe activities.    The spectacle of the rafts on the water, with the South African flag flying high is one that will never cease to amaze the more than 2000 visitors that come down to the Sea Scout Base during the weekend.

50 staff members helped to make the event run smoothly and they must be thanked for the tremendous effort that has gone into the event, with planning starting as early as November 2000.    The internet played an advantageous role this year by enabling teams and interested people to download the competition booklets as well as entry forms.

The theme for 2001 was "Survival", based on the TV Series "Survivor".    The rafts looked spectacular as they left the safety of the jetties and made their way to what is now known as Kontiki Bay on Sandvlei.    

The raft teams had to each make an Immunity Trophy, a pioneering model of a Lookout Tower, a Treasure Chest with a note for help and a Tribal Bandana.   On the Sunday they had a tribal vote, where they had to vote for the rafts they thought were the best, on the water.    Their Saturday night meal that was judged was Curried meatballs served with squash and rice as well as a dessert of fresh fruit and ice cream and freshly ground coffee.     

The rafts, all lit up in the night time splendour provided the backdrop for the Tribal Council campfire.    This was successfully run by Brett Delport and Charles Prince to an audience of more then 300 people.    

Neville and Anna Coxon - the VIPS at Kontiki 2001

Neville and Anna Coxon were the two VIPs at Kontiki 2001, adding a touch of class to the event.    Neville was one of the founder members of the Sea Scout Base and helped build it from an alien bush filled nothing to the base the people visit today.   He has been a key figure in the success of Western Cape Sea Scouting.    He almost single handedly built the yacht Rotary Scout which has sailed to Rio and St.Helena as well as many trips around the Cape waters. Neville has been supported throughout his Scouting career by Anna.   It was a pleasure to have these two stalwarts at Kontiki.

Eastern Cape presence felt at Kontiki

Kathy Douglas Jeff Ferreira

The Eastern Cape made its presence felt at Kontiki, in the form of Kathy Douglas and Jeff Ferreira who were both on the judging team.    Kathy is an ex Cape Western Scouter and has never missed a Kontiki event.    Jeff attended Kontiki for the first time and was impressed by what he saw, hopefully to take new ideas to the Eastern Cape.    They were amongst the judges scrambling to get rafts ready for the launching with last minute judging.    They arrived on Friday evening during the Team Brief and unfortunately had to leave before the closing ceremony on Sunday, to get back to Port Elizabeth.   We look forward to having you guys with us next year.    It is hoped that we can get some equipment together to enable a team of Scouts from PE to join us at the event for 2002.

Centre of Activity

The Kontiki Information Desk continues to be a centre of activity throughout the event.    Bridget Young manned the desk on Friday night, giving the staff the chance to get items sorted out for the evening's team briefing and the judging.     

"Sparks, what time is our next thing?"  (Whatever the thing is.)

"Go away  - and have a nice day."  (Charles chirps)

Mmmmm - maybe he's playing SolitaireDave Roux frantically prepares judging sheets and enters results into the computer.    T-Shirts and badges fly as people ask for various items.    Fringe activity score sheets are strewn across the front desk as results come in every few minutes.    The PA system hums as teams are called for events.    The communications centre is going crazy as radios call for various people and reports come in from various places around the Base.     AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

First Aiders Kept on the Hop

EEEEIIIIIIIINNNNNNNAAAAAAA!!!!!!Our First Aiders, Peter Niddrie and Kelly Thomson were kept on the hop at Kontiki.    With so much lumber and drums around there are bound to be a few cuts and scratches and torn fingernails (ouch!) and the like.    They operated a non-stop service for 52 hours during the weekend, day and night.

Here an unfortunate cross-country runner gets his scraped knees seen to by Kelly.   He is clearly not a happy chappy.

Naval Cadets take Kontiki Fringe by storm

The Kontiki 2001 Fringe was competed for by 34 team, including the boys and girls of the TS Woltemade Naval Cadets.    A controversial forfeit of the Tug-O-War saw them walk away with a second place which could have been first had they competed.    They won the volleyball and the cross-country team events to walk away with the Dolphin Trophy.     A lot of the younger teams were at a clear disadvantage from the very beginning of the competition and the format will need to be revisited if they are to have any chance at being in a final.   The boys from Muizenberg took the kneeboarding title for the second time, and so they should, seeing that three of the four team members are qualified lifesavers.   From the outset it was clear that there wasn't another team to beat them as they lapped one team after another to reach the well-deserved first place.  This could change dramatically next year because two of their boys turn 18 - bye bye.  

Brian Lihou - Mr Chips with some of the Kontiki Ladies
Kontiki Kitchen Runs out of food - Twice

With more than 40 campsites being used during the weekend, and a huge contingent of day visitors, the Kontiki Kitchen was inundated with hungry mouths to feed.   This caught the organisers by surprise and the local supermarkets benefited by the hurried rush to buy extra food.  Sheila Barratt and her team of caterers worked non-stop to keep the food queues moving.

Bergvliet Rovers do their stuff at Kontiki 2001

The Rover from Bergvliet were amongst the busiest staff members at Kontiki, assisting with traffic control on Friday night and Saturday morning as well as running the volleyball for the Fringe.  They also assisted with the night watch and undertook various tasks that needed doing throughout the weekend.    At the end of the weekend they were exhausted, not knowing what hit them, but what a pleasure it was to have them around.

The Argus Highlights Kontiki

The Argus dated 23 April gave Kontiki a good spread on page 4, giving Scouting much needed publicity.

Submit your Pics

Now here's another competition.   Submit your photographs taken at Kontiki, by e-mail and win.

The winning entry will win R50 as well as one free entry into Kontiki 2002

Kontiki Goes International

Kontiki T-shirts and badges are currently on their way to the USA, Canada and the UK to persons who have seen the website and are interested in the event.  

We also had an international flavour at Kontiki in the form of Cosima Boswell and Wiebke Lücker.   Wiebke worked in the kitchen while Cosima manned the cold drink sales.   Both girls are German exchange students living with the Delport family.    Both would like to return to South Africa next year - specifically to help again at Kontiki - how's that?

Photographs courtesy of Stuart Thomson


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